Welcome to Abyss Valley.
Hello, and welcome to Abyss Valley. This forum is a paragraph, post by post roleplay taking place in a universe invented by the the founder of Abyss Valley and the members of Index, Abyss Valley's previous home. Here at Abyss Valley we believe there's a niche for everyone to participate in. Whether you enjoy romance, action, sci fi, fantasy, drama, 18+, mystery, horror, and more, we firmly believe you can find your place here to write what inspires you.

The registration and application process can be a bit confusing for some, so below you'll find a handy guide with step by step instructions. Whether you're here to read, or to write, we hope you enjoy your stay!

Step 1: Get Familiar
Before registering and applying, you're going to want to get familiar with our RULES & GUIDELINES, SETTING, and SUPERNATURAL OUTLINES. These pages will help you understand the Abyss Valley universe, and what is allowed, and not allowed not just within the AV Universe, but on the actual forum as well. If you need a little more guidance, you can also check out the TERMINOLOGY and POSTING TIPS threads.

Step 2: Get Registered & Applied - Members
To REGISTER on Abyss Valley, you'll want to first start by creating your OOC (out of character) account. This name can be anything, but it will stick with you for the duration of your participation on Abyss Valley, so choose wisely. This is the name everyone will refer to you as, and the name you'll be expected to use in Discord when you join. To separate out OOC accounts from IC accounts, you'll be expected to put your OOC username in between two evenly spaced * symbols.

Example: * usernamehere *

Once you've registered your OOC account on Abyss Valley, you can then create a NEW TOPIC under our Out of Character / White Pages / Members board. Follow the instructions stated there, and fill out your information.

Step 3: Get Registered & Applied - Characters
You can now logout, and REGISTER your character. Your characters username should include their first name only. Please don't register characters with middle or last names. You can, however, register their username under their nickname if that's the name they go by.

Once you've registered your characters account on Abyss Valley, you can then create a new topic in one of the following boards:

+ HUMANS: If you are applying for a human character.
(Humans in the Abyss Valley universe are unique in that they can be played as if they live in a non-supernatural world from the beginning until the end of their story line. Humans are in no way obligated to participate in supernatural roleplay and can remain supernaturally unaware for as long as you desire. Humans can also be partially aware of supernaturals, meaning they can be aware of a single species, a couple species, a few, or they can simply be aware through exposure (having witnessed something supernatural) without knowing what it means. Humans can also be completely aware and entangled in supernatural plots if that is what you prefer. The last thing that makes humans unique in the AV universe is that humans can become hunters, wolves, vampires, and even magicians. Humans are the only species that can be turned into one of any of the supernatural species available here on Abyss Valley. And whether or not they turn, and what they turn into is entirely up to you because only you can decide to turn them. If you're unsure of what species you might want to play, and/or you simply want to get more familiar with supernaturals first, it's recommended that you apply for a human and play them for a while as they are the most flexible of all Abyss Valley species.)
+ HUNTERS: If you are applying for a hunter character.
+ WOLVES: If you are applying for a wolf character.
+ VAMPIRES: If you are applying for a vampire character.
+ MAGICIANS: If you are applying for a magician character.

Follow the instructions, and fill out your information.

Step 4: Get Prepared
While you wait for your application to be accepted, please visit the PREREQUISITES page. This page will provide you with a list of things that need to be done before your application can be accepted, as well as a list of things that need to be done before you will officially be granted access to the forum and be allowed to thread and post with other members.

Step #: Get Acquainted
If you have any questions, you can SEND ADMINISTRATOR EVIE A MESSAGE. You can also join the ABYSS VALLEY DISCORD if you see yourself wanting to game with other members, or be a part of general voice chat. Discord will also be used for thread readings. However, most importantly, it's recommended that you become a member of the ABYSS VALLEY SLACK. This is our primary chat platform. And don't worry, it doesn't require a mic. If you want to really get involved on Abyss Valley, you'll need to be a part of Slack. This is where all discussions about plots take place, and you simply won't be able to keep up without it.

If there are problems, you will be notified via PM with details on what needs to be fixed before your application can be accepted. After your application has been accepted, you will be notified via PM, and you will be granted full access to Abyss Valley and all forums. You can include as much information in both of your applications (member and character), but only after they have been accepted are you allowed to add additional information. The default application information is required, so please don't remove that information. Applications are often referred to as "journals", as they're meant to contain anything and everything pertinent to you as a writer, and your characters.
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