Welcome to Abyss Valley.

To begin, it's recommended that you register using a site like 10MINUTEMAIL or TEMPMAIL to generate an email for registration. Our host, Forumotion, doesn't allow the same email to be used for multiple registration.

Register your out-of-character account. This account will be used to participate in out of character threads, and for the creation of your member profile. This account is for you, the player, not your character. Out of character accounts should be registered using the name you'd like everyone to call you, and should be placed in between * STARS * .

Once you've registered your OOC account on Abyss Valley, you can then create a NEW TOPIC under our Out of Character / White Pages / Members board. Follow the instructions stated there, and fill out your information. (Please sign out.)

Register your in-character account. This account is for your character. Please sign up using either your characters First and Last name, or First, Middle, and Last. Please use proper spacing and capitalization.

Once you've registered your character, please make a new topic in one of the following boards... Follow the instructions stated there, and fill out your information.

HUMANS (If your character is human.)
HUNTERS (If your character is a hunter.)
WITCHES (If your character is a witch.)
VAMPIRES (If your character is a vampire.)
WEREWOLVES (If your character is a werewolf.)

While you wait for your application to be accepted, please visit the PREREQUISITES page. This page will provide you with a list of things that need to be done before your application can be accepted, as well as a list of things that need to be done before you will officially be granted access to the forum and be allowed to thread and post with other members.

Once accepted, feel free to check your INBOX for a message from the Admin containing your Discord invite. At this point, you're all ready to start writing. You're more than welcome to start with a solo thread to introduce your character, or arrange a thread with another member. You are also allowed to create an open thread, however, it's recommended you chose one of the previous two options instead.
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