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Olen 'Joe' Dryykur Empty Olen 'Joe' Dryykur

on Wed Aug 01, 2018 5:52 pm
FULL NAME ~ Olen Dryykur. Known as 'Joe' to most in Abyss Valley. Supremacy Vampires may know him by his real name which comes with a reputation.
AGE ~ 1500. About to celebrate a birthday that would then push him into the Ancient age bracket.
SEXUALITY ~ Demisexual
SPIRITUALITY ~ Follower of the Vampire Goddess, Lilith.
NEST/FAMILY ~ To be Advised

RESIDENCE ~ An unassuming grey box of a building in the slums of Cedar Grove. It almost looks abandoned. Junk mail piling up in the letterbox. Never any lights on inside, in fact, there's no power to the building at all. Overgrown remnants of a lawn which is mostly dirt with patches of struggling green. However, the building is well guarded by magical means. The inside is almost bare of furniture. The bare minimum for a single person, though there are two bedrooms. One has blackened windows, boarded from the inside and outside. A simple double bed in the center of the room.  
OCCUPATION ~ Soldier of the Supremacy. Graveyard shift at the newsstand coffee kiosk ‘Joes’. This kiosk only opens at night in the park. During the day it’s an inconspicuous boarded up booth. During the evening it’s often the only beacon of bright light. Working as a night-time barista is half cover for selling blood and other things and half cover for being a Supremacy watchdog.

HAIR/EYES ~ Natural deep brown with darker roots. Shaven down the sides to make the scar upon his face harsher. Hair is actually longer in the back which he usually has plaited. Never seen clean shaven. Cold grey eyes.
BUILD ~ Broad shouldered. Lean muscle. Pale skin though noticeably warms after the consumption of blood. More scars than most Vampires due to the fact he was a warmonger in life. Standing at about 6'2 but is more often than not seen leaning over something in his hands...book, phone etc. 
STYLE ~ Everyday : Often seen in an old army surplus trenchcoat. Jeans, always dark blue. Always worn. Heavy black boots. Fitted t-shirts. When working literally wears stupid coffee related slogans on them. Wears 'man jewelry' in the form of leather bands around his wrists and tied into his hair. Formal : Olen does scrub up well because he has to when dealing with the Supremacy. Everything is black. He refuses to wear a tie and prefers a waistcoat to a jacket. 


HOBBIES ~ Plays various strange mobile games (Cooking Craze for one lol). Reads. Sometimes classic novels and other times its a comic book. Enjoys all pursuits that get the adrenalin pumping. Frequents Poison. 

Considering his age going into detail about fifteen hundred years is a big ask. Olen is worldly. Spending a better part of three hundred years sailing with Vikings gave him a taste of discovery. Chasing battles around the globe. Aggravating Wolf packs. Stirring up conflict. Forcing change for his own enjoyment because as the years continued on it was sometimes difficult to be surprised. Blood eventually began to lose its appeal because it was so easily obtained. Immediately resorting to violence also somehow lost its shine. As a soldier his lust for carnage had been an asset but when the Supremacy noticed the change in Olen they assigned him a different task. Not one usually handed to someone of his age. Watch Dog duty. Not just the Mongrels either. He was to keep an eye on a region of town and anyone who walked it at night.

Now Olen is known as Joe. Only Supremacy Vampires know exactly who he is, and the relationship to the monster he once was and in truth, still was. Making coffee. Selling packets of cigarettes. Supplying the Vampire population with blood. A potential ticking time bomb that the Supremacy have dumped right into the middle of town.
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