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on Wed Aug 01, 2018 5:30 pm
I'm PK. I live in New Zealand so timezones are often tricky but that's what Discord and Slack are for! Work is not usually what pulls me away from RP, but it all depends on how many extra hours I've picked up to cash inject my lifestyle. I'm training in MMA for the purposes of getting in the ring. I like to try and get out to a concert, big ass party, fight night or random attraction (Most recently 'Spookers' which is a haunted house) at least once a month. Writing is my primary creative release though I have dreams of having time for fan art. 

Average to Slow. It all depends on how busy life is and that will always come before roleplay.

All the things..... I do tend to lean towards heavy angst. Putting my characters through physical and mental pain for the purposes of development. But I like a well rounded RP experience. So whatever idea you have...throw it at me.

Lilith Alysbury - Wolf. Olen 'Joe' Dryykur - Vampire
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