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NAME / Onyx [Vincent Byrne]  
Played by / Evie  
ABILITY / Compulsion [Common]
COAT / Black
NAME / Freedom [Casey Parks]
Non-Player Character
ABILITY / Medium - Empath [Default]
COAT / White

NAME / Luxx [Lilith Alysbury]  
Played by / PK    
ABILITY / Time Reversal [Rare]
COAT / White
NAME / n/a [n/a]
ABILITY / n/a [n/a]
COAT / n/a

NAME / n/a [n/a]
ABILITY / n/a [n/a]
COAT / n/a
NAME / n/a [n/a]
ABILITY / n/a [n/a]
COAT / n/a


HEALER: Wolves with this title will possess medical knowledge, not a healing ability. Healers will likely possess defensive, or passive special abilities, however. A couple examples of passive abilities would be something like infrared sight, or uncontrollably stripping nearby supers of their supernatural powers. A healers job is to heal the physically wounded members of their pack.

GUARDIAN: Wolves with this title will possess a mass defensive ability. What that ability is, how it works, and what it does is entirely up to the person playing the guardian. It could be some kind of cloaking ability, shielding ability, or anything else defensive related you can think of. A guardians job is to protect the defenseless and sacred. Primarily, a guardians job is to keep the Spiritual Leader and young pups safe in the event of a dangerous situation such as enemy trespassers, invasion, or war.

WARRIOR: Standard Warrior wolves can possess passive, mental, offensive, or defensive abilities, and exist to fight a packs enemies. Warriors in Reprisal answer directly to their Warlord, of which answers directly to the Pack Master. Warriors can of course receive orders directly from their Alpha, however they will likely report to their Warlord first, as their Warlord is the one that provides them with training.

We have infinite openings for warrior wolves, and if you wish to invent a special role for your warrior wolf (such as the healer and guardian roles above), please discuss said role with the player of the Alpha, Warlord, and/or Spiritual Leader so we can get it properly titled and added to this list.

Symbol & Moon Prayer


Reprisal started its journey as The Pacific Pack, the largest pack in the United States, and arguably one of the most peaceful. But when Odin, the previous Alpha was murdered, and Vincent Byrne succeeded him as Pack Master, things began crumbling. It started with Vampires, they had begun picking off the wolves one by one, and naturally the pack blamed their new Alpha for the murders.

Many had already blamed him for the death of Odin, accusing Vincent of murder in a sneaky attempt at taking the crown away from Odin's eldest son, Orion. It seemed too suspicious that Odin died only one day before Orion's 18th birthday, a birthday that would have granted Odin's son the title of Pack Master. But Orion not being of age when Odin passed meant that Vincent, the only Warlord at the time, claimed the leadership role.

They were "peaceful" under Odin's rule, after-all, and "things like this never happened when Odin was Alpha". Unfortunately, things only escalated. The more wolves went missing, the more divided the pack became, and because a packs strength is in its numbers, The Pacific Pack became weakened due to their division, only making it easier for them to be targeted by their foe.

Stories began circulating throughout the pack. Stories of lost loved ones visiting in the night. Stories of sightings, wolves that had gone missing weren't deceased after-all, and they were roaming the woods. But all of these stories seemed to have the same ending. These wolves roaming the woods didn't answer to their loved ones call. They didn't even seem to know their own name. Eventually the truth came to light, that these wolves were slaves to mechanical and magical collars. An accessory that stripped them of their free will and forced them into slavery under The Supremacys rule. And worst of all, the collars couldn't be removed without resulting in the death of the wolves that wore them.

Sadly these collared wolves were used for something far more sinister than the taunting of their families. On a night like any other, many of the Pacific Pack were awakened by a bloodcurdling scream. When everyone made it to the center of the den, there they saw it. Their Spiritual Leader was laying in her sacred fire pit, blood filling the indent in the earth, and her eyes towards the sky. It all happened so fast, collared wolves began leaping from the surrounding forest, everyone was running, screaming, and many didn't escape. Especially those known as "Potentials", understudies of the Spiritual Leader, they were all murdered in cold blood by their own collared packmates and family members. Unfortunately their Alpha couldn't help them, he sat at the center of the carnage holding his dead first and watching in horror as his wolves were slaughtered.

This night caused the members of The Pacific Pack to abandon their leader. For many, it had been a long time coming. It had been years since their previous Alpha had been murdered, and since that night they had endured nothing but terror and torment. They had, had enough. So they left, leaving the only home they'd ever known, for the life of a lone-wolf. A life that in all it's misery was still better than a life as a member of the Pacific Pack.

With some time, effort, and help from a then lone wolf named Luxx (Lilith Alysbury), some of the more loyal members eventually came back. The Ancestors had granted a new wolf hte role of Spiritual Leader in an attempt the broken Pacific Pack, and things were slowly coming back together. However, surrounding packs, such as the ones in most of California, Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, and even some of Montana were experiencing their own hellish trials. Their leading ranks were being targeted, their Alphas being strung up like scarecrows with symbols carved into their dead chests. All of these packs lost their Pack Masters, many lost their Spiritual Leaders, many more even lost their Warlords. Most lost their family, some packs even going from large numbers, down to nothing but one or two wolves. Some packs were destroyed entirely. It was a massacre.

But the timing meant that these surviving wolves heard news from the Northwest, where there were wolves with an Alpha that lived. Eventually things got out of hand, as rumors do, and eventually the remaining Pacific Pack was viewed as sacred, by some. They came to view the Pacific Pack as a safe haven for lost wolves. None of which is actually true, but it worked. They began arriving in droves. And the once fractured and cursed Pacific Pack had become a pack of safety and refuge overnight.

Eventually, the alpha, Onyx (Vincent Byrne) reformed The Pacific under a new name,  Reprisal. He made the blood bond with all wolves seeking a home, and made a new pack under a new name, and what they hoped would be a new fate. But after a series of more unfortunate events, Vincent, Lilith, and Casey vanished, and the Pacific fell into disarray. Many of the wolves of Reprisal disappeared, although some remained loyal. For a year, their alpha, warlord, and spiritual leader were gone, and while some gave up, others held out hope that some day they would return.
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