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Vincent Sawyer Byrne Empty Vincent Sawyer Byrne

on Sun Jul 29, 2018 5:10 pm
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NameVincent Sawyer Byrne | "Onyx"

Name PreferenceVincent prefers to be called "Vin". He's okay with "Vince", however, he doesn't feel like that's his name, like "Vince" is a stranger. He loathes being called "Vinnie". And thinks "Vincent" sounds too formal. He'll have a hard time feeling connected to people that call him Vincent, it makes him feel like he's talking to an officer or stranger. - When it comes to his wolf name, he finds it disrespectful for humans to call him Onyx, and disrespectful for wolves to call him anything but Onyx. This is directly related to the connection he's made between human names and respect and trust.

Birth DateDecember 21st, 1986

EthnicityHalf Hispanic, 1/4 German, & 1/4 Irish


ResidenceNorth Beach


EducationHigh School

Fluently Spoken LanguagesSpanish (Mexico & Spain). English.

VoiceSOUND / TONE - Vincent's accent, however, sounds of thick Spanish when he's pissed off (usually when he's ranting). Other than that, his accent is American-ish. The cadence of his speech is accurately represented in the video. (including the emphasis on words and enunciation)

TraitsLonely, Bitter, Violent, Brutal, Tortured, Cursed, Honorable, Selfless, Temperamental, Wrathful, Hypocritical, Resentful, Loving, Nerdy

HometownSeattle, WA

Places LivedSeattle, WA - Los Angeles, CA - Las Vegas, NV - Portland, OR -  Index, WA - Abyss Valley.

VehicleBlack Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport, 4 wheel drive, extended cab. PIC

AddictionsSmoking, Drinking, Video Games

QuirksGrowls in sleep. Only uses a wolfs human name when he respects them. Plays riffs to songs that are playing on random objects in his hands.

HabitsSwearing. Grinding Teeth in sleep.

FearsVincent is: Arachnophobic, Claustrophobic, Monophobic, & Autophobic.

PeevesPassive Aggressiveness, Superiority Complexes, Liars, & Condescending and / or Dismissive Behavior / Comments.

MoviesAnything marvel. Alien series. Lord of the Rings series. Star Trek Series.

TelevisionFamily Guy. American Dad. Game of Thrones. The Walking Dead. Vikings. How the Universe Works. Outrageous acts of Science. Dethklok.

Reading MaterialComics, mostly when he was younger, but he still reads occasionally.

DrinksWhiskey, neat (alcoholic). Dr. Pepper (non-alcoholic).

FoodSteak, rare. Bacon. Jerky. Peanut butter.

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Nickname : Vin
Wolf Name : Onyx
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on Mon Jul 30, 2018 8:30 am

ChildhoodInformation coming soon...

TravelsInformation coming soon...

Abyss Valley(1) In order for Lilith to manipulate Vincent, he needed to be at his mental weakest. Possessing and controlling a supernatural, let alone an Alpha isn't an easy task when you're limited on power. So Lilith began long before Vincent was even turned. Manipulating the packs previous Alpha first, and paving the way for every incident in Vincent's life. Every love, every loss, every ounce of suffering was carefully planned before Vincent even knew it was coming. And the previous Alpha, aided Lilith in her attempts willingly. Lilith's manipulation of Odin started when he was just a boy. A teenager striving to climb the ranks and desperate to find purpose in his life. His weakness for her and her false promises of glory was the starting point for Lilith. It was the beginning. And when Odin murdered his older brother so he could replace his father as Alpha in Lilith's name, Lilith's power grew... This murderous act eventually proved to be vital to Lilith's increased power later on, when Vincent killed a young wolf from his own pack. Odin fell for his queen, and while she lead him to believe everything he was doing was going to reunite them in the land of the living, in truth, their reunion was always meant to be in death. But only Lilith knew this.

(2) The packs general dislike of their new Alpha [Vincent] was the second step. By making him a Warlord immediately after being turned, and the premature death of their previous Pack Master, Odin, which thrust Vincent into the leading rank, Vincent became the most hated Alpha in decades. It didn't help that the promises Lilith made to Odin of glory and loyalty weren't empty. Odin achieved greatness, and as Lilith promised, was revered as a God by his wolves. This left no room for a new Alpha in their hearts. Which was the point, which was why Vincent's rise to Pack Master was so carefully planned by Lilith and those she'd manipulated. He was never meant to be accepted, and was always destined for isolation.

(3) But Vincent proved to be difficult. Despite his short comings, he adapted. Fighting fire with fire. Every insult provoked insult. Every betrayal built up his defenses. He was learning, not retreating. In fact, if it weren't for one fateful night involving Gayle Shaffer, Lilith might have never come as close as she has to achieving her goals. A night in which Vincent murdered one of his own wolves to prevent his pack from knowing one of his dirty secrets. This act seemed to give Lilith more power, the power to affect Vincent at will. Her powers were small, but all she needed was to invade his dreams, from there his horror grew and sprouted like a flower. For months and to this day the nightmares were all Vincent endured. Night after night, bloodshed, grief, pain, and worst of all, joy for the grief and pain. Vincent enjoyed his dreams, where his wolf brothers and sisters were slaughtered time and time again within his nightmares. From this arose shame.

(4) As his shame grew, as did Lilith's power. And Vincent's waking world began decaying. Daymares flashed before his very eyes for months and to this day. He'd be talking to a wolf one second, and stabbing them in the neck the next... He'd be looking at his reflection, his face, but flashes of decaying flesh and blackened eyes developed a fear of his own reflection. A fear of himself. But the horror wasn't real. A hallucination. As this happened more and more, it became hard for Vincent to determine what was real, and what wasn't. Medications weren't helping. Nothing was. And it only seemed to get worse, more persistent, more brutal. The visions began lasting longer, the emotions he felt within his hallucinations stronger, and his senses were able to detect everything within these hallucinations. The smell of blood, the taste of it, the ache in his chest. From this arose fear.

(5) As his fear grew, as did Lilith's power. She could now possess him. When the blackouts started they were minor, and usually after a night of binge drinking. It was easy for Vincent to blame it on the liquor. Remembering standing in his living room one minute, but waking up in the forest the next became the norm. Until it didn't... Until he began waking up with symbols carved into his flesh. The symbol of Lilith carved into his chest. Until he began waking up to bloody writing on his walls and stigmata wounds on his palms. Until he fell in love, or so he thought. Until he began hurting those he cared for in these blackouts. Until the lives of those closest to him became threatened by something that was beyond his control, by himself. Before he became the threat to everything and anything that mattered most to him. This lasted for months, and still does to this day. From this arose grief.

(6) As his grief, as his sadness morphed into depression, and that grew and grew, as did Lilith's power. He had retreated. He was truly alone, at first by choice, but once he isolated himself, it was easy to get rid of those he loved, to destroy his relationships and make him truly alone. He was no good, he brought nothing but terror to anyone and anything, including himself. And because of this, Vincent attempted to take his own life. It wasn't until he awoke the next day with the bullet in his hand, and head wound magically healed when he realized... Not even death could save him from his hell. It was time for Lilith to use him, to use him to acquire the tools needed to make her rebirth possible. And she did. Vincent had acquired the ring that allowed Lilith to take her form using his body. The ring that would allow her to claim her power as a true hybrid upon rebirth. Vincent had acquired the journal, Odin's journal, the only existing book with the written spell. It was in an ancient language, but it didn't matter, the Supremacy was following closely, and had the tool necessary to decipher it, Ursula. And while the game of cat and mouse continued, while the Supremacy pretended they were doing everything in their power to steal these objects from him, in truth, both Lilith and the Supremacy had these tools exactly where they wanted them to be... With him, with Vincent, which meant they were with Lilith.

(7) Vincent wasn't completely lost. And while incredibly rare, he did have moments of determination. When all you crave is death, and not even death can free you, you're likely to go mad. And this wasn't untrue for Vincent. But there were brief moments when he felt that maybe there was a small chance he could overcome what was happening. There was a chance he could get answers. With death no longer an option, he began hunting for these answers. Leaving his newly appointed Warlord Peyton Marx, an act that was ultimately proven to be a manipulation by Lilith, in charge. Lilith was comfortable at this point. She had her female warlord to carry her host baby, and Vincent was hopeless. He was beaten and broken. No answers were going to change that. And without her outside influence, Vincent finally felt a dash of positivity. He had a small fraction of hope again.

(8) Until he was captured. The Supremacy brought him in, strung him up, and gave him more answers than he had bargained for. Including a video tape that proved his previous pack master, Odin, was a betrayer of the worst kind, and had been working with the Supremacy, a middle man, used to communicate with Lilith, and with the Supremacy about Lilith. All in exchange for protection of his pack, all for false glory, all to be an eternal God in their eyes... Under the impression that vampire blood would create a strong enough bond to summon forth their vampire Goddess, The Supremacy strapped him down and force-fed him gallons of vampire blood, blood that was extracted and stored from their very own Ursula Darwin. The event is still one of his worst experiences to date, and arouses the  most fear within him when thought of. He remembers choking, the blood shooting out his nose and oozing from his eyes. He remembers the desperation for air, putting his suicide attempt in a whole new perspective for him.

(9) When this didn't work, The Supremacy grew restless. Finally earning the answer that they were seeking sent Vincent into a whole new world of pain. The Supremacy discovered that Lilith could not be summoned, but she could be coaxed. And the only way to bring Lilith forth, was to arouse the very emotion that dominated her in both the land of the living, and the afterlife. Rage. For days Vincent was strung up within a holding cell and brutally tortured. Brutally beaten. Scarred with silver blades, whipped with silver laced whips, eyes burnt and throat shredded by liquid silver. Bones were broken, flesh was cut open, and those weren't even the extremes of the horror he endured for days on end. Never ending, there were no breaks in between. The worst of it even Vincent doesn't remember, as he blacked out from the pain. That was of course... Until he blacked out for another reason. Despite desperate determination to not give his enemies what they desired, when rage finally consumed him, Lilith surfaced. And The Supremacy finally talked with their Goddess. Vincent was then branded on the shoulder with the Supremacy's symbol, with the symbol of Lilith. The same one that had come through his only successful prophecy. And finally, he was sent free.

(10) On his way home, he burnt the symbol off of his shoulder, and finally admitted to himself that the horror wasn't going to end there. And it didn't. Eventually his pack was torn from him. His spiritual leader, and all potentials murdered by the very wolves that had been going missing, by his pack. Ravenous things in mysterious collars. The massacre didn't just end with spiritual leaders either. Children, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, all murdered by their own children, mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers. Those that remained fled, as it became more and more apparent something bigger was happening than just wolves disappearing to hungry nests. As they realized... It wasn't vampires they needed to fear, but something greater... Something they didn't know, and couldn't possibly prepare for. And their alpha... The one that had replaced Odin... Vincent, the one wolf that seemed to be the source of all of this misery, because it began when he was turned, he couldn't protect them. So they abandoned him too.

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on Mon Jul 30, 2018 8:50 am
Supernatural Information

Basic Information
Wolf NameOnyx [Not self chosen.]

Wolf RankAlpha - White eyes [Not earned, role obtained by default]

Coat ColorBlack [Color connected to his human hair color.]

Ability/GiftCompulsion [Extremely common in the wolf and supernatural community.]

Ability / GiftCompulsion.

Ability / Gift StrengthModerate. Lately, Vincent has been working hard towards not only improving his ability, but unlocking new levels of his ability. He's devoted to this, and has been working with NPC Saturn to learn how to use his ability at it's fullest potential.

Ability / Gift ConsequencesDepends on what he's trying to do, the amount he's used his gift on any given day, etc... But without going into it too much, the consequences are in the mind. Headaches lead to migraines, migraines lead to forgetfulness, forgetfulness leads to complete inability to even speak properly. Depending on how frequently he's used his gift, what he's been trying to do, etc... determines which consequence he encounters.

Ability / Gift UseEye contact and dilation of the eyes indicate the use of his gift. The words "gaze" and "influence" used within the same sentence are trigger words [meaning he's using his gift]. The person he's used his ability on will not remember the act of it happening and will obey whatever commands he has vocalized without question. - However, higher ranked supernatural characters (warlords, spiritual leaders, alphas, ancients, aged, seniors, and coven leaders will KNOW that they've just been compelled, however will not be able to fight the compulsion. I.E. They will obey it, even while knowing that it's not of their own free will.)

Ability / Gift Capabilities[Has achieved.] - This means Vincent has unlocked this ability 100%.
[Has achieved but not mastered.] - This means Vincent has achieved the desired result from said ability, but it doesn't always work.

Level 1Compulsion - Single target. [Has achieved.]

Level 2Compulsion - Multiple targets at once. [Has achieved.]

Level 3Compulsion of Supernaturals. - Single target. [Has achieved.]

Level 4Complusion of Supernaturals. - Multiple targets at once. [Has achieved.]

Level 5Neurocognitive Deficit - The ability to shut down a person's brain functions, rendering them unconscious. - Single target. [This is done by Vincent voicing the word "Sleep" while compelling, or snapping his fingers.] [Has achieved, Consequences high.]

Level 6Neurocognitive Deficit - The ability to shut down a person's brain functions, rendering them unconscious. - Multiple targets at once. [This is done by Vincent voicing the word "Sleep" while compelling, or snapping his fingers.]

Level 7Hive Mind - The ability to share consciousness between multiple bodies [Vincent + Another individual]. - Single target.

Level 8Hive Mind - The ability to share consciousness between multiple bodies [Vincent + Multiple individuals]. - Multiple targets at once.

Level 9Psychic Coma - The ability to literally tear apart his targets mind, rendering his target comatose. - Single target or multiple targets at once.

Level 10Psychic Death - The ability to literally tear apart his targets mind, killing his target. Single target or multiple targets at once.

Human Form Combat SkillsIn training by NPC Fighters/Warriors Axe and Axle. He's picking this up a lot faster and easier than he is his wolf form training. And his human form training has featured a lot of military hand to hand combat skills. He can definitely hold his own in a fight if he's sober.

Wolf Form Combat SkillsIn training by NPC Warlord Louisiana. This has greatly improved in recent months. While he's not perfect, he is more than capable of understanding whatever battle he's faced with, sensing the position of his enemies and distance between him, them, and his allies, and predicting all of his opponents possible moves (obviously not 100% of the time as everyone is different and has different training.) He's definitely a lot better than he has been before and can hold his own in a fight... Again... If he's sober...

Battle StrengthsVincent is a tank, capable of taking a fuck load of damage before becoming immobile. Most of his strength is in his jaws primarily, and front legs secondarily. He's fast, but naturally, not nearly as fast as wolves with agility and speed as their primary upperhand in battle. His claws are extra long, making the impact of his front legs even more devastating.
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on Thu Aug 02, 2018 12:12 pm

Known Family
John ByrnePersonal NPC - Relationship: Father - Species: Human - Life: Deceased

Philip ByrnePersonal NPC - Relationship: Uncle - Species: Human - Life: Alive - Status: Relationship Strained / Not in contact.

Milo ByrnePersonal NPC - Relationship: Uncle - Species: Human - Life: Unknown - Status:Not in contact.

Panya ByrnePersonal NPC - Relationship: Aunt - Species: Human - Life: Deceased

Logan ByrnePersonal NPC - Relationship: Cousin - Species: Human - Life: Unknown - Status: Relationship Strained / Not in contact

Helios TallonPersonal NPC - Relationship: Brother - Species: Human - Life: Unknown - Status: Hunter / Unaware of existence / Not in contact

Marta TallonPrivate NPC - Relationship: Mother - Species: Vampire - Life: Alive - Status: Relationship Strained / Supremacy / Not in contact

Ex Love Interests
Noelle BensonPrivate NPC - Species: Vampire - Life: Unknown - Status: Relationship Strained / Not in contact

Peyton MarxPlayed by Dannii - Species: Warlord Wolf - Life: Deceased

Michelle HawkePlayed by JKAmaryllis - Species: Human - Life: Deceased

Lilith "Luxx" AlysburyPlayed by PK - Relationship: Enemy & Ally - Species: Warlord Wolf - Life: Alive - Status: In Contact

DESCRIPTION: The relationship Vincent shares with Lilith is complicated. In some highly complicated and twisted ways, Vincent envies Lilith. However any feelings of envy are usually squashed by how little he respects her. He does feel that she is a strong warlord, worthy of her title of Warlord, but he also feels that she is not worthy of much else, and/or that she hasn't earned much else, from him anyway. Trust for Vincent takes a long time to rebuild when it's been broken so severely, and to Vincent, Lilith has done nothing but dig her hole deeper, rather than build a way out. Any time she begins building her way out, she does something, or reveals something that sends her even deeper into that hole, only further cementing this idea in his head that ''she cannot be trusted''. This however, is a highly hypocritical viewpoint Vincent possesses, and more likely than not, any severe displays of hatred Vincent has towards Lilith, are enhanced by the extreme stress he's feeling at this point in his life. It's easy for him to direct all of that rage he feels for everyone and everything, including Lilith, towards Lilith because she has broken his trust so much. She is an easy target, and in some twisted way, Vincent believes more than anyone else, she is the only one capable of taking it.

LYRICS: "That's when she said I don't hate you boy, I just want to save you while there's still something left to save."
The Art of Losing - Rise Against
Sometimes Selling Out is Giving Up - Rise Against

Uncategorized Non-Player Characters
Camille "Mimic" TaylorAlpha Wolf - Lone - Information coming soon...

Jonah "Path" TaylorAlpha Wolf - Lone - Information coming soon...

Jack "Runner" WhitleyWarrior Wolf - Reprisal - Information coming soon...

Markus "Nexxus" TwipWarrior Wolf - Reprisal - Information coming soon...

Ronald "Louisiana" BreyerWarrior Wolf - Reprisal - Information coming soon...

Rosa "Saturn" GarciaWarrior Wolf - Reprisal - Information coming soon...

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on Thu Aug 02, 2018 12:32 pm
Residence & Occupation

IntroductionVincent lives in a townhouse located in North Beach District. He lives alone, and has an Alaskan Malamute named Heimdall. Vincent's townhouse has a large studio apartment feeling to it, as the only room separated by walls and a door is the bathroom. His townhouse is three stories tall. On the first level you'll find the living room, bar, kitchen, and bathroom, and the second story is a half story accessible by ladder, this is his bedroom. The third story is a storage facility, this is where most of Vincent's belongings from his previous home are stored, as he can no longer fit everything into his smaller townhouse.

DescriptionWhen you enter Vincent's home, the first thing you will notice is the 2 story high ceilings. The entire place smells of wood and metal, and has a very obvious ''industrial'' feeling to it. Most textures are cement, wood, metal, and leather. And everything seems to follow a muted color palette of unsaturated browns, greens, blues, as well as blacks and grays.

To your left you'll see his living room, which features a wood burner, a two seater sofa, a chair, coffee table, a set of large speakers, Vincent's guitar, and his flat screen mounted on the wall. This is the only location in the entire place where the hard wood floors are covered by a big carpet. There is also a Playstation 4 Pro, Xbox One S, and Nintendo Switch neatly hidden within his living room.

To your right, you'll see a bar with two stools, and a single shelf on the wall which is always fully stocked with various liquors. (Whiskey, Vodka, and Tequila primarily, but not exclusively.)

The further you step into his home, the more other details will become incredibly dominating. For example, when you turn back to look at the front door you most likely entered through, you'll be greeted with two, two-story tall large windows on either side, and large brick pillars separating them. For a small home, it feels like it has infinite space due to the incredibly high ceilings, large open windows, and minimalist decor.

If you keep walking straight, you'll notice a door to your right, this leads to the bathroom, which features a large standing shower, toilet, sink, and the only mirror in the house which sits above the sink.

However, to the right/back of his house, you'll find an open kitchen with a small dining table suitable for no more than two. The kitchen has minimal storage, features a full refrigerator, sink, and stove, with three large windows above the counters, but not much else. There is also a back door in the kitchen, this is the door Vincent usually enters through as it's closest to the parking spot he has directly at the left side of his home. This back door leads to a small outdoor area, which is where Vincent typically smokes. There are two fold up lawn chairs and a small barbecue out this back door. Vincent always makes his coffee on the stove.

The only bedroom in the entire place is only accessible by ladder. There are two large windows within his bedroom, and the only separation his bedroom has from the floor below is a metal/wire fence. His bedroom is very simple. His king sized bed, which sits very low to the floor, is located at the very center of his second floor bedroom, directly in front of the two large windows, of which one is almost always open. These are the only two windows in the entire house that have curtains, but they're rarely drawn. He keeps his hats, most frequently worn jackets, and sneakers mounted on the wall on the left, and his dresser with a lamp, and laptop are always found on the right side of the room.

From his bedroom is the only place where you can access the third floor, which is mostly full of storage boxes. A ceiling entrance with a pull down ladder, however, can take you to the third floor balcony, which can be accessed through any of the large windows. There are two chairs up here, and some liquor bottles stored beside them. and this is where Vincent typically hides out when he doesn't want to leave his home, but doesn't want to appear to be home either. The few bottles of liquor up here are always replaced when emptied.


OccupationInformation coming soon...

VehicleInformation coming soon...

PossessionsThe Journal - This belonged to the previous pack master, Odin. And while it was meant to contain notes to be passed down to the next alpha, Odin broke that tradition. Instead, this journal is filled with an ancient language and cryptic drawings and symbols. To an outsider, it appears to be what it was meant to be. An outsider viewing this journal will see pack master notes, written in english, and no drawings. But to Vincent, and others ''touched by Lilith'', the journals true contents will be revealed. - This object is hidden somewhere securely, no one knows where except Vincent.

The Ring - This object was forged from Lilith's talisman, and came to Vincent's possession in an old solo thread. Not much is known about the ring except it's transformation properties. It is a truly mysterious object, of which very few know just how powerful it truly is. This object is also securely hidden, of which no one knows where except Vincent.
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on Thu Aug 02, 2018 12:39 pm

BusinessesInformation coming soon...

Out of TownInformation coming soon...

NatureInformation coming soon...
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on Thu Aug 02, 2018 12:57 pm

Scars× 4.5 inch scar starting above left brow, stretching down to middle of cheek.
× An alarming amount of criss-crossed scars and slashes across his torso and chest.
× An alarming amount of incredibly large overlapping slashes cluttered across the entirety of his back.
× A large plus shaped burn scar over the side of his upper shoulder.
× Horizontal and parallel, as well as crossed slashes over his thighs.

SkinWhile Vincent's mother lived most of her life in Spain, her parents came from Mexico. Vincent's skin tone is medium/dark year round due to his ethnicity. His skin is mostly medium in winter, but goes incredibly dark during summer. His skin has pink/red undertones, making his skin tone a warmer hue, opposed to cooler tones.

EyesHis eyes are pale blue. A rare genetic mutation within his genes passed down from his father's side of the family affected the pigment of his eyes. This particular gene is dominant within his family, as both Vincent and Logan have mothers with dominant genes, yet this mutation has affected both men due to their fathers relation. - This mutation actually causes blindness, and if not for his wolf side, he would probably be considered legally blind by now. Logan dodged a bullet with his eyesight, but even he wears contacts. You can see example pics of Vincent's eye color below: (Yes, they're all pics of the same person.)

Teeth & SmileVincent never had a full set of braces growing up, as he never needed them. His teeth now look rather perfect, but his lowers were crooked, something that was corrected through lower braces in his teens. But due to money problems, he had to remove the braces himself with a pair of house scissors. You can see references images of his teeth & smile below: (Smile ref is Andy Biersack)

EarsVincent's earlobes are gauged to 7/16. And the rest of his ears are covered in piercings. The piercings on the top and bottom left of THIS IMAGE accurately represent Vincent's piercings and gauges.

HairVincent's hair is black with some gray strands throughout. There are typically three length stages Vincent goes through before getting his hair cut again. These can be found by clicking the following links: Vincent's hair at it's shortest length. Vincent's hair at medium length. And Vincent's hair at it's longest length. Currently, Vincent's hair is at it's shortest length. The style of his hair tends to vary more often when his hair is at it's longest.

Vincent's lashes, eyebrows, and hair are all very thick and black. Another physical attribute he got from his mother. His eyelashes are also very long and dark, a stark contrast between the color of his eyes, and a prominent feature that often earned him the nickname ''Guyliner'' growing up, as some people mistake the thickness, length, and dark color of his lashes for eyeliner.

His facial hair changes, and this is probably the only part of him where ''style'' is a concern. Lately he's been rockin' the stubble trimmed shorter in some areas, but longer in others [see avi], but has been known in the past to grow out gnarly man-chops, and even full beards when lazy.

He does not shave his body, only trims where necessary [junk and under arms]. Obviously the below pics do not accurately represent his body hair, as Vin has some, and the men represented in the images do not. Vincent does have body hair y'all.

Left Sleeve(3/4 Sleeve) LINK

Right Sleeve(1/2 Sleeve) LINK

Right Shoulder(Upper) LINK - Swedish lyrics from the song "Ride for Vengeance" by Amon Amarth.


NeckLINK - Vincent also has a set or roman numerals on his neck, directly under his jawline (as seen in banner image). The number is 385, which holds played significance.

PhysiqueVincent is fit and his body is tall [6'0'']. His torso, arms, and legs are a bit longer than average but proportionate to his height, and his muscle isn't overly bulky, but it is indeed defined. Vincent has broad, strong shoulders. The only considerable bulk to mention is in his upper arms, noticeable, but even this isn't excessive. His body looks of a body that works out regularly but not obsessively. You can find image references below. His arm strength is maintained via his job, lifting drywall, and other equipment/materials on a daily basis does increase the strength of your arms. This is mostly how he maintains his build all around [his job], though a lot of it is due to metabolism of a wolf, as well as wolf form shenanigans, as wolves love to run and be active while in wolf form. Vincent has larger hands and feet, and his fingers are on the longer side.

Arms & ShouldersLINK

Torso Length & ChestLINK

Torso BuildLINK

StylePracticality and comfort come first. You'll see him most often dressed in muted hues such as black. Dark, medium, and light grey tones. Muted evergreen greens, blues, and browns. He doesn't wear bright colors, and only splurges on brand name for quality, not for the name. He's almost always in denim jeans, always dark and muted blue in tone.

He often wears metal band tees that he acquired at concerts. These tees are usually fitted tightly around the arms and fitted at the chest due to his body shape, and grow moderately loose the closer you near the bottom, but not too loose. For a list of his favorite music to get an idea of the types of tees he would wear, feel free to shoot me a message.

He's always found in a hat, a dark grey floppy beanie he's owned forever, or various flat billed caps depending on the weather or time of day. [Caps for sunny daytime, beanie for every other weather and time.] He typically has a cigarette or white bic lighter tucked behind his ear.

Vincent's style is currently a w.i.p. more details on style and a gallery of images to represent his most frequently worn outfits coming soon.
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on Thu Aug 02, 2018 12:58 pm

DemeanorInformation coming soon...

MannerismsInformation coming soon...

First ImpressionsInformation coming soon...
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on Thu Aug 02, 2018 12:59 pm

Vincent has been diagnosed as having problems with abusing alcohol, extreme anxiety disorder, bi-polar disorder, depression, panic disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia, depersonalization / derealization disorder, dissociative identity disorder, insomnia, avoidant personality disorder, and paranoid personality disorder. Some of which were diagnosed after a long conversation where Vincent was tricked into revealing what's really going on with him to his doctor, aren't actually conditions Vincent possesses (such as schizophrenia and dissociative identity disorder), but his doctor believes to be seriously detrimental to Vincent, and those he surrounds himself with. Most of Vincent's current mental conditions are the cause of his experiences with Lilith, some of which are conditions he had before Lilith, and some of which will most likely be gone after Lilith is gone... But some of which will still be a problem long after Lilith is gone. Vincent takes a variety of medications for these conditions, and has compelled himself out of the mental hospital. Vincent has severe panic attacks.
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Nickname : Vin
Wolf Name : Onyx
Played By : Evie
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Vincent Sawyer Byrne Empty Re: Vincent Sawyer Byrne

on Thu Aug 02, 2018 1:01 pm

Monday through FridayVincent works from 4 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sometimes his days may end early, depending on how far he needs to travel for work. Vincent trains every evening starting around 4 or 5 P.M. These training sessions involve wolf form primarily, as well has human form, and ability training. These sessions aren't for any designated amount of time, but rarely end before the 2 hour mark, and have been known to go on through the night. After training, Vincent always heads to the den to help wolves get settled in, talk, and rebuild / inspect structures.

SaturdayEvery Saturday Vincent heads out of town, either for breakfast or lunch. He meets with Camille and Jonah at a private location. Vincent ends his Saturdays at One Shot. He never arrives before 9 P.M.

SundayEvery Sunday evening, Vincent used to head to the court to play basketball with his cousin Logan, and two pals Debo and Aaron.
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Vincent Sawyer Byrne Empty Re: Vincent Sawyer Byrne

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