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Jim "Ozra" Broadside Empty Jim "Ozra" Broadside

on Sat Jul 28, 2018 9:06 am
Jim "Ozra" Broadside
Wolf - Warrior - Reprisal Pack - Ability Unknown

Mid-Late 60's

All Reprisal Wolves

Jim [Ozra] Broadside is an older man, and is most known among the wolf community for being the owner and primary bartender of One Shot, and his blunt honesty. He is the voice of reason, and is known to play the ''father figure'' role among his pack. Genuinely caring but lacking a filter. In his voice is a fearless wisdom that he moderately imparts on those in need of it. But in his good qualities there is a stubbornness to Jim. He is welcoming of all types, excluding vampires, as long as you have a wallet with cash inside. He is a very money-driven and somewhat greedy man. And once you step inside Ozra's bar, you play by his rules, he is the king of his castle. He doesn't tolerate destruction of his property [the bar, and land it sits on], or his human/witch/warlock customer's property, and won't hesitate to make destructive customer's pay for any damage caused, even if that payment isn't in cash.
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