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on Wed Jul 25, 2018 8:08 pm
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Hair is dark, usually keeps a purple/violet toned dye over it. Thick. Sometimes straightens. Rarely curls. Nails are always done fashionably. She has a few freckles, more appear if she’s been in the sun. Eyes are dark blue/grey. She is 5’6” in height, 122 pounds. Thin when compared to the average American. Zero tattoos - she states the imagery will confuse the spirits who wish to speak with their loved ones. (It’s total bullshit.)

Clothing: lighter fabrics if possible. Likes spaghetti strap tanks, maxi skirts or thin fabric, loose shorts/pants. Sandals are preferred. In winter, when it is colder, her hair, makeup, nails, will still be done but she’ll be in sweats - even pants. She does not like the feeling of being bound.

Color Preferences: Loves “berry” colors, reds, purples, magenta, etc. Avoids white, avoids lighter grays. Prefers jewel tones as opposed to pastels.

Daily jewelry: These are items of jewelry Natasha will be wearing daily.

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Birthday: November 11, 1991

Birth Location: Williamson, KY

Past as told:

She grew up in Ironton, OH with parents who frequently travelled into Kentucky to watch the Horse races at Keeneland. Her dad died early, when she was 14. He was older, and had “a lot of lung problems”. Her mother died after complications from an ATV accident when Natasha was 20. At the age of 22 she finally, after pressure from a long time online boyfriend, moved across the country to Abyss Valley. The relationship only lasted four months as it became clear the dirtbag was a gold digger. She used her money to purchase the shop with the adjoining apartment upstairs and open her business.


Natasha is good at knowing who she needs to be for her audience. She’s good at white lies and keeping track of which lie she’s used for what. For her career as a psychic, she is good at showboating, knowing most people coming in without believing, and knowing they want an experience more than anything. She knows she could give them the truth but prefers not to. Instead she gives them the act they paid for. It’s exactly the same on the sales floor with the crystals and herbs, etc. Her closest friends know about that particular act. So does her… ghost friend. She will definitely be more down to earth as she gets to know someone.

Food likes/dislikes:

Natasha does not even pretend to be vegan/vegetarian for her audience. She states to refuse to eat meat would be naive and one day she recognizes she herself will be eaten. She does prefer things clean, whether that’s a feeling or a truth. Ie. Free range, or just food that doesn’t feel “heavy” like milk products. She avoids things that vary far from how how the earth produced them - at least when eyes are on her. I.e. processed foods. Almost a paleo diet but again when alone or with very close friends she’ll eat whatever she wants. When criticized she reminds them it’s her profession.

Musical tastes:

Once upon a time she loved Fleetwood Mac. [The rest of this I don’t know lol]

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