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To Do List // What's left before Abyss Valley can be opened. Empty To Do List // What's left before Abyss Valley can be opened.

on Wed Jul 25, 2018 8:03 pm
+ Finish writing the Coven, Pack, Nest, and Organization registration pages.
+ Refine the Supernatural Outlines because they read like they were written by a 7 year old.
+ Add information about "Vindicate" and add "Orion" to the NPC listing.

+ Create town map and outline default wolf pack, vampire, witch/warlock, and hunter territory.
+ Add the proper chat categories to both Abyss Valley Discord, and Abyss Valley Slack.
+ Finish adding descriptions to West Elkton, Northbrook, Garden Heights, and Redwood.
+ Write the "How To" guides for registering and applying.
+ Copy over Vins ridiculously detailed journal, and finish writing member details.
+ Write up the "Prerequisites" page.
+ Get all pages linked on both the portal, and within the information nav.
+ Fix the code for mini profiles and add the appropriate fields.
+ Find a way to get rid of that stupid space on the left of the "Portal" navigation button.
+ Tidy up the code on the following pages: Memberlist, Tags, "My Posts", "My Topics", and toolbar menu'
+ Copy over all of the special coding, including dialogue, npc dialogue, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr,  Phone, Thread Details, OOC Message, Flashbacks, Special fonts, sticky notes, and handwritten letter codes.
+ Customize the "Create New Topic / Rules" code.
+ Add Non-Player Characters to the NPC Listing.
+ Create "Default Pack" thread (Pacific) with pack information.


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