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on Mon Jul 16, 2018 9:05 pm
Take into consideration all senses when writing. What does your character see, smell, hear, taste, or feel? Don't forget mind, body, and soul. Body language is important, not just your characters, but NPC's can sometimes be equally important. What your character is thinking or how they're feeling emotionally should be expressed in your writing, even if not expressed outwardly by your character. All of these things, while important, will become especially important if you find yourself struggling to come up with sufficient words for a reply.

Provide sufficient content. This means provide your partner with more than a simple yes or no question, give them plenty to react to, respond to, and go off of. After writing your post, read it from an outside perspective. If you had to reply to that post, do you feel as though you have enough to reply to? Have you provided your partner enough to go off of? Remember, time should keep moving from post to post. If you're not adding something new to the story with your post, time is standing still. You can reply and react to the time frame your partner wrote, and still add to the story after.

Solo threads are a wonderful way for you to take control of the narrative and really delve into your characters personal plots and story. These threads are threads that only involve your character, characters, and npc's, and can range from a single post with a single paragraph to nudge events in the right direction, to full blown threads filled with pages of posts that we refer to here as "chapters". You are more than welcome to take advantage of this here, and you are encouraged to read solo threads from other members as well to keep up with what is going on with everyone else. Who knows, maybe your story is linked to another member and you two just don't know it yet!
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